Navua River maintenance dredging

In 2006, the Fiji Government commissioned Hall to undertake dredging works in the Navua River near Suva in Fiji.

The project involved dredging 500,000m3 of material and pumping it to a disposal location approximately 2km away.

The project team had to contend with fast flowing river currents, sand infill and large clumps of bamboo, which would have posed significant problems for small cutter suction dredges. Using cutter suction dredge Scorpio, Hall was able to successfully complete the works in just seven weeks.

The project enabled increased flow capacity within the river, improved access and assisted with minimising the impact of flooding on surrounding communities during wet weather events.

  • Location Navua, Fiji
  • Client Fijian Government
  • Duration July 2006-October 2006