Lautoka Wharf navigational channel and berth pocket

In 2018, Amex Resources Limited engaged Hall to dredge a navigation channel and berth pocket at Lautoka Wharf.

The works have allowed large carrier ships to enter the company’s new export facility, where they can be loaded with mineral-rich black sand, ready for export to China.

Cutter suction dredge Amity was tasked with carrying out the works, pumping 520,000m3 of dredged material to an offshore disposal site approved by Fiji Ports and the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji.

Hall used a spreader pontoon and GPS data to ensure material was disposed of within the allocated zone and in accordance with the designated seabed height.

Approximately 12 Fijian workers were employed as relief dredge operators, mechanical engineers and deck hands as part of the project.

  • Location Lautoka, Fiji
  • Client Amex Resources Limited
  • Duration July 2018-May 2019